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Macular Hole
in Visalia

What is a macular hole?

A macular hole is a full-thickness hole that gets punched out of the retina in the exact center of your vision (called the fovia). If it’s about .5mm in size, it could only let you see the big ‘E’ on an eye chart. If it’s smaller, you’d be able to see slightly more.

Is it treatable?

Yes, we’ve been able to treat them since 1991 when someone figured out that we can remove the fluid that builds up, inject a tiny gas bubble and make a patient lay face-down for 7-10 days while the gas pushes the detached part back into place. When treated, 9/10 patients get their full vision back. It is just critical to go to the doctor right away.

How do you know if you have a macular hole?

You will experience a significant and immediate loss of vision. When patients have a macular hole, we try to see them on the same day that they either get referred to us or call our office.