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The Office of Luke Bianco, MD

We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced retinal care in a friendly, local facility. One of the biggest things that sets us apart is the personalized feel of our office. We strive to treat our patients like family while providing excellent customer service and the highest quality care.

Many of our patients have been with Dr. Bianco for years, and our practice grows largely through personal referrals. However, if you're someone who's finding us online, read about Dr. Bianco and give us a call if you'd like to make an appointment. We love caring for our patients and can't wait to help you!

Honest care you can trust

I started my own practice in May 2015 after years of working with multiple doctors in a stressful environment.

It wasn’t just stressful for us as doctors who had too many patients to see each hour, I know it was stressful and chaotic for patients, too, because they weren’t sure they’d get enough time to explain what they were experiencing. Having plenty of time to make patients feel truly listened to and cared for is critical to good outcomes.

Since opening my practice in Visalia in May, many of my patients have followed me. Not only am I 100% confident that they now all get more than enough time with me, but they are happier with their care, too. People really notice the difference in care in smaller, more personalized offices. My staff is less stressed, and we can again do what we do best—provide world-class eye care with a local feel.

One of the biggest reasons my patients follow and trust me is because I provide honest care and opinions.

Patients trust my care, because I take a lot of time explaining their conditions to them, offering them a variety of treatments, explaining the pros and cons of each, and letting my patients ask all the questions on their mind. Many surgeons don’t have great bedside manners and communication skills, but I’ve spent years honing mine.

Second, I think patients trust my care, because they know I’m on their side and I provide helpful advice and realistic options. I take my oath to do no harm very seriously. When I have a patient who has the potential to get their vision back, I aggressively treat their eyes. But for patients who have almost zero chance of getting their vision, I won’t push their body through more than three surgeries. I tell my patients the truth and I recommend they don’t have surgery once it doesn’t make sense. Obviously, when my patients do understand the chances and they still want me to try, I always do. My patients trust me, because I’m aggressive when necessary and conservative when appropriate.